We're happy to talk to you about any job you might have for us. We offer such a wide range of services (painting, wood rot repair, powerwashing, etc), that we're usually able to tackle most projects.


    If you decide to move forward with us, have an experienced team lead come out and give you an accurate bid, present you with a contract, and select a start date.


    When your project's start-date rolls around, we'll show up, prep the space and get started. Once we start work, we'll be there until we finish, unless instructed otherwise.


    Schedule a preliminary phone call to get started. During that conversation you can get a free preliminary estimate, but know that a real bid and an in person visit is necessary for us to properly quote your job.


Need to know how much your painting project will cost? We work with clients that a wide range of budgets. You can specify whether you're looking for medium-grade OR high-quality. All jobs we bid take the size and scope plus the desired outcome into account. Here are the factors we consider:

Project Size Square Footage
Repairs or special preparation needed Cost of Supplies + Time
Desired Outcome Medium-grade to High-Quality (it's up to you how fancy we're going to get)
Timeline Is this a rushed job?
Surprise factors Every job is unique. There maybe something unusual about your job that changes our bid.
For example, your home is located down six flights of stairs, or isn't accessible by cars.


  • What's the difference between a free estimate and a professional bid?

    During a preliminary phone call we can give you a preliminary estimate, but know that a real bid and an in person visit is necessary for us to properly quote your job.

  • When can you start?

    'Can you start next week?' is a question we hear a lot. Our schedule is constantly evolving and calling JJ is the best way to find out what our availablity is.

  • What kind of paint do you use?

    We use low and zero-VOC paints. If you have a preference about what brand we use, we're open to that. If not, we will have recommendations for what products will be best suited for your job.

  • Are you licensed and insured?

    Absolutely. We carry all the necessary insurance and licenses required by the state of California. It helps both our team and our clients feel secure.

  • Can you do a color consultation?

    You bet! We work with a professional color-designer who can be brought into consult on jobs prior to selecting paint.

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    +1 510-998-6021

  • East Bay Area

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Our friendly and reliable team is trained to focus on every detail and to keep the job site neat. We make sure the experience is as enjoyable for you as possible and that our work stands the test of time.

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